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Automatic driving lessons in Rainham 

      20 years experience

      5 Star reviews

      Highly recommended

      Patient and reliable

      Exceptional pass rate

      Nervous pupils very welcome

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 In looking for automatic driving lessons in Rainham, what are your main considerations? 


The truth is, not all driving instructors in Rainham are the same. To find the right one for YOU takes a little research. Learning to drive is one of the most important things you will ever do so finding the right person to teach you this incredible life skill is of paramount importance.

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 When looking for a driving instructor in Rainham, you probably take it for granted they're fully qualified. But be warned, there are instructors in Rainham with no formal training or qualifications, teaching illegally. All DVSA Instructors must display their badge on the windscreen of their car. If not, the law doesn't permit them to charge for lessons so always check before entering the car. No badge also means they're unlikely to be DBS checked so you have no idea of their background. 

The only driving instructors permitted to teach are ones partly trained, known as PDI's (Potential Driving Instructor) and ADI's (Approved Driving Instructors). PDI's can be good but they're still training and lack the experience and qualifications of ADI's. I'm proud to say I've been a fully qualified ADI for over 20 years. 

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 Lawrence School of Motoring is a long established Driving School in Rainham, teaching auto lessons here for over 20 years. It's not essential you learn with an instructor with years of experience but there are some obvious benefits. First, if a driving school has been around for a long time, they're likely to be pretty good as they would need to be continually recommended to stay in business. Especially if they're a small independent school as they don't have large sums of money for advertising like larger establishments. In my many years teaching in Rainham, I've seen many instructors come and go through lack of recommendations and therefore work. Second, if an instructor has been teaching in an area for many years, they would be completely familiar with test routes in the area. Although you need to learn in varied areas and conditions, it certainly gives you a greater chance of passing if your instructor can familiarise you with challenging roads and surroundings. 


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There are many great automatic driving instructors in Rainham working for large schools but it's usually best to learn with an independent instructor. It's never good to generalise but instructors working for large schools pay an expensive franchise fee in exchange for pupils. So, if their instructors could generate sufficient work themselves through recommendations, they would certainly do so and save themselves money. Whereas long established independent Instructors attract ongoing demand from recommendations alone. These small businesses don't have the huge advertising budget of big schools so being good is all they have!

Lawrence School of Motoring has been an independent automatic driving school in Rainham for over 20 years. Throughout that time most of Lawrence's pupils have come from word of mouth - former or current pupils recommending him. So please support your local Independent instructors, they will most likely give the best service in town!



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Every driving school in Rainham will tell you they're the best school to learn with, but as the well-known saying goes, 'self-praise is no praise'. The only praise worth listening to is from present or former pupils. As with any local business, if people in the area have taken the time to review their experience, it's certainly worth listening to what they have to say. 

Several automatic driving instructors in Rainham have stunning reviews and it's one of these instructors I would advise you to choose. I know reviews can be faked but on the whole, I find them trustworthy - especially the negative ones! I'm so proud of the feedback I receive and the wonderful reviews on Google, Facebook, Yell, etc. And if you have the time, please read through some of them, it can certainly help you decide. 


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Several times I've used the phrase, in capital letters, 'NOT ALL INSTRUCTORS ARE THE SAME' to emphasize the importance of finding a good one. But one thing all GOOD instructors understand is that NOT ALL PUPILS ARE THE SAME. Whether you're nervous or confident; learn quickly or take time; conventional or have diverse needs - everyone deserves the same respect and have differing needs and expectations. Therefore, instructors should tailer their lessons to best suite pupils individually. And of course, patience, reliability and friendliness are prerequisites for any decent Instructor.


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