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Lawrence has been an absolute pleasure to begin my driving journey with!! Finding the right instructor is absolutely key to this lifeskill, and I am so glad I waited on the list until a spot became available vs. beginning with someone else who wasn't quite the right fit for me or going with a bog standard driving agency. He creates an incredibly safe, trusting and enabling environment which gives you the confidence to hit the gas pedal and get going. He understands each pupil is different and tailors his style and teaching methods to suit you - in my case, it was learning to drive on the left after living overseas and driving electric motorbikes, and teaching me to be patient with myself!!

When things go wrong (which they inevitably do!), he is incredibly patient and calmly supports you out of the situation, explains the faults and how to improve, without plying on any pressure. We always have a good laugh during lessons, with each one being more fun than the last, whilst pushing the boundaries each week to learn something new or challenging. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive; he is always professional and reliable, his methodology is on point, his lesson plans are excellent and the flexibility in choosing a lesson time is great for professional workers. Thank you Lawrence!


Lawrence is an amazing driving instructor. I had an instructor before and once I swapped over the driving lesson experience was day and night. Lawrence gives you a great experience with driving lessons, providing you with a tracker to help know how you a progressing through your lessons. He’s very friendly and has a smile that will make enjoy your lessons. I only had Lawrence for a short period of time but I’m that space of time I learnt a lot of new things that I will remember for life when driving. He will always give you amazing advice and answer all the questions that you will need an answer too. The only regret I have with Lawrence was not having him for longer. Make sure you do you research guys before starting driving lessons, don’t make the same mistake I did. I would highly recommend Lawrence as an instructor to go for, with different ways to pay him with block bookings or pay for the lesson on the day. He’s very helpful and I’m very appreciative of him giving me the chance on taking me on even though he had a lot of students to handle just so he can help me pass my driving test.


What an amazing instructor. Lawrence is very patient and very professional. Also very encouraging.. He gave me my confidence back after I had discontinued my lessons, 2 years previous. I have recommended him to several of my friends. Thank you lawrence


Lawrence is an excellent instructor, very patient, professional and knowledgeable.
I was an anxious/nervous student but he made me feel at ease during the lessons, and he helped me to built up my confidence behind the wheel.
I would definitely recommend him.


Lawrence was a great instructor in every sense. Always on time and with a lesson plan ready, each lesson came with it’s own challenge and I was always learning something new. Not once was Lawrence late or had to cancel and if for some reason I could not attend a lesson he would also be very helpful in arranging an alternative. The driving test was so well explained to me by Lawrence that when I finally got into it did not feel unfamiliar at all and I knew exactly what to expect. Almost 2 years on since I have passed and I have never had a single problem on the roads and that is with no doubt due to how great of a teacher Lawrence is. Thank you so much.


Mister Lawrence is not "another driving instructor in the market", Mister Lawrence is a driving instructor who gives his student the best tools to succeed in the test, with lots of positive energy and lots of patience,
believe me ! There is no other such driving instructor in London as he is !!!
He gives you a service that is worth much more than the price he charges !!!


He's the most patient human I've meet. Very knowledgeable. I never thought I will learn to drive, manual in particular.oohh, forgot to say very calm too.


Lawrwnce is an amazing instructer. He let's you do the one thing most other instructers don't do enough of, and that is to actually drive! He let's you know all the required tricks and tips for the exam routes and will allow you to get rid of bad habits. Also guided me through the test routes safely! Very informative, safe and brilliant teacher.


Lawrence has been a wonderful instructor, every lesson is a pleasure. He is patient and thorough and helped me pass my first time, so I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor. Thank you Lawrence!


Before starting with Lawrence I had failed nearly 5 driving tests , had a number of different instructors and I honestly didn’t think I had chance to ever pass my driving test - my confidence was so low!With a toddler and twins on the way at the time I knew I couldn’t give up and had to get my driving license no matter how many tries it would take.Starting lessons with Lawrence was the best decision I’d ever made. He took time to understand what I knew and what I needed to work on, that hadn’t been covered. He was very professional , always punctual and a great communicator! He made everything seem so simple, explained every so clearly, was always so encouraging and patient!The day I passed my driving test I honestly couldn’t believe it. It taught me that having the right driving instructor is so important - especially one that genuinely takes an interest in developing you and getting you to pass! Lawrence did that for me.I Finally passed my driving test whilst 20 weeks pregnant with my twins .Thank you Lawrence, I am truly grateful for everything !


Very professional and organised. Always positive and I always looked forward to another lesson of learning. Best instructor around!


Lawrence is an excellent instructor. He tracks your progress and teaches you everything to expect for your driving test. Whenever you make a mistake he calmly explains what went wrong and how to avoid the mistake happening again. I passed first time with Lawrence and couldn't ask for a better instructor.


Lawerence is a great person to deal with, he was always calm and willing to help with my son and I feel that he was instrumental in my son passing so quickly after he turned 17. Would definitely recommend😀


Lawrence is the best driving instructor ever. He promised me I would pass first time and I did. He knew when to give me a pep talk and when to let me get angry. He is also kind and funny and always had sugar free polo's :) I would recommend him to anyone. I drive like a pro because of him


It was such a great experience learning to drive with Lawrence, I was always so excited for my next lesson.He made me feel calm, safe and built my confidence.He was patient, gave clear instructions and helped me to pass quickly.Highly recommended!!!!!!!!


He was a very good instructor always speaking and keeping me comfortable and I wouldn’t be pressured if he was around and I still missing those days


Would highly recommend Lawrence to anyone looking to take their driving lessons, He was the perfect instructor and helped me pass my test first time with only 1 fault, Lawrence Is really friendly and helped me get rid of a lot of old habits i didn’t think i could get rid of to pass my test.. can’t thank him enough!! ‘‘Highly recommended’’


Very professional and all round great guy. Lessons are structured well and great value for money. After a few lessons I noticed a massive improvement.


An absolutely PHENOMENAL and professional driving instructor. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better - by far the best in town! Lawrence is extremely patient, understanding and completely committed to making you the best driver. He genuinely cares about his students and I can’t recommend him enough.


Lawrence is an amazing driving instructor. Very patient, calm highly recommended.


I highly recommend Lawerence to anyone looking for a profesional, patient, knowledgeable and experienced instructor. I started from zero (as I’m not from the UK) and I was a bit nervous about understanding the traffic rules but he made me feel confident from the beginning.


Top driving instructor, best teacher I’ve had by far.


My daughter really enjoyed being taught by Lawrence and we all appreciated his patience, help and advice in all aspects of theory and driving tests. He made her feel calm on test day and she loved celebrating with him when she passed first time with only one minor fault! It's been a challenging year for both of them but she's so happy to have passed with him. We would 100% recommend Lawrence to anyone looking to learn to drive.


Lawrence is a fantastic driving instructor. He is patient, calm, professional and I think the most important skill an instructor should have which is that he is organised. Lawrence tracks your progress allowing you to fix your bad habits and to keep track of your weaknesses and strengths. Lawrence also goes over the different exam routes and provides insightful tips which helped me pass my driving test the first time.


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