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Of course price is important, no one wants to pay more than they need to for anything. However, when it comes to driving lessons it's far more important that you find a good Instructor, not just a cheap one. If an Instructor is cheap, they’re cheap for a reason – no one recommends them! With a good Instructor you will need fewer lessons, have a greater chance of passing first-time, and far, far more importantly, be a safer driver after you pass.


"When it comes to driving lessons, cheap always works out expensive"


£54 per 90 minute lesson


Block booking of 9 hours  


*Saving £18 on single lesson price

(6 x 90 minute lessons)

I'm often asked why don't I teach 1 hour and 2 hour lessons like most Instructors. The reason is that 1 hour gives you no time to practice in different and varied traffic conditions, you're restricted to only drive within a small radius of your house and that wont prepare you well enough for the test and after you pass - you simply wont have the experience to drive safely. As for 2 hour lessons, I find that most pupils are tired and fatigued after driving for more than 90 minutes and learn very little in the latter part of the lesson.


For this reason I find 90 minute lessons give a perfect balance of practice, time and price.

Man Driving in Car


Test Day £80*

The price includes a one hour lesson before the test; use of the car for the test; and be driven home after the test.

*price is for tests at Hornchurch Test Centre. A higher fee will be charged for tests outside of the area. 

Refresher Lessons

As learner prices

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