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Automatic driving lessons in Emerson Park

      20 years experience

      5 Star reviews

      Highly recommended

      Patient and reliable

      Exceptional pass rate

      Nervous pupils very welcome

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Learning to drive is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do, the freedom to go anywhere you want without relying on public transport, expensive cabs or friends and family will change your life forever. So having made the decision to learn, you must first, if you haven't already done so, apply for a Provisional Licence - you will need one before you can drive. When receiving your licence, it's time to find yourself a good driving Instructor! There are many auto driving instructors in Emerson Park but finding a good one takes a little research. With a good driving instructor, you will need fewer lessons, have a greater chance of passing first-time and far, far more importantly you will be a better, safer driver after you pass - so making the right choice is essential!


Lawrence School of Motoring has been an established independent driving school in Emerson Park for over 20 years. As one of Emerson Park's most recommended auto instructors, Lawrence will soon have you driving with confidence in a relaxed, supportive environment. Whether you are new to driving; moving from another instructor or just needing to brush-up on your driving skills, you will soon reach your goals. Having delivered automatic driving lessons in Emerson Park for so long, I have a detailed knowledge of test routes to help you pass - so with excellent tuition and test knowhow, Lawrence will prove a perfect choice for all your learning needs. 

As a driving school in Emerson Park, close to Hornchurch Driving Test Centre, I can offer my services to several nearby areas. There are many local instructors offering automatic lessons so the choice can be bewildering but as with any local service, be guided by reviews - if current and former customers are happy, there can be no better recommendation. So please take time to read through my reviews starting with these few happy faces but as I'm unable to update my website as often as I would like, please follow my Instagram and Facebook for more recent happy faces.. 

So don't delay learning, start your driving journey now with Lawrence School of Motoring - "a patient and reliable Driving Instructor with an exceptional pass rate". 


"Dearest Lawrence,

I just want to say a huge thank you for your guidance throughout the learning process leading up to my pass yesterday! Despite me being initially very anxious about driving, you was so patient and understanding of my needs; quickly helping me to build confidence and actually start to look forward to lessons. I am so pleased to have passed and couldn't have asked for a better or lovelier instructor. Thank you so much."


"Lawrence is the best driving instructor I have come across! All of his reviews speak volumes on how patient and understanding he is. You can tell he adapts his teaching to the students in front of him, always makes driving enjoyable and eases all nerves!

 He genuinely cares about his students and wants them to be the safest drivers they can be.

 So thank you Lawrence for these last few months! I'll see you on the road."


"Lawrence I just wanted to say thanks so much for everything. At 31 years old and with a pregnant Mrs I had a tight deadline to pass. Your advice and patience was second to none and I'll miss having a laugh together whilst still learning. I honestly would recommend you to anyone I know. If I would have met you at 18 I wouldn't have waited so long.

 Your new students don't know how lucky they are. I will miss our lessons (but def not miss paying you) all the best mate. You truly are a star."


"It was genuinely pleasure learning from you. I've been fortunate enough to experience lessons prior to meeting you and can honestly say your methods were great for not only passing, but becoming a confident driver and understanding the "method to the madness", so to speak. 

 I wish you all the best and cannot recommend you enough.

It's funny how things work, I had to call a number of instructors but they were all busy and eventually they led me to you which was the most fortunate thing that could have happened.

 Thanks again for all your help from working around my work schedule to offering the 90min lessons, which definitely helped."


"Thank you for being so incredibly patient with me. Couldn't have done it without you. Keep smiling and being a great instructor!"



"Thank you so much for everything Lawrence. I am so pleased to say that I have passed FIRST TIME today. I and my husband had only 5 MINOR FAULTS in total :) We did enjoy every driving lesson with you. For us, you are the best driving teacher ever. You are super patient, professional and supporting. I would definitely recommend you to everyone for driving lessons. I wish you all the best in the future. Many thanks, Anh and Tuan."


"Hi Lawrence. Thank you so much for being the perfect driving instructor! From the beginning to the end you have been so supportive. How you have the patience to do the job you do, I cannot praise you high enough!

 I was a very nervous driver & you put me at total ease & helped rebuild my confidence. 

 I will miss our lessons, your a good laugh & top bloke! 

 I would highly recommend you to anyone thinking of learning to drive, your a great driving instructor, always really calm & patient. Thank you again! Halima :)"


"Thanks so much Lawrence! Been an absolutely fab time despite the early starts. Thanks for making me confident enough to drive. I'll definitely recommend you to anyone I know who needs lessons. Thanks again!"


"Lawrence is the best instructor ever, he is very patient and helps to thoroughly iron out the weak areas of your driving. He is also very encouraging and makes you feel very comfortable behind the wheel!"


"Hi Lawence. Thank you so much for being the perfect driving instructor from the beginning to the end you have been so supportive and you are very patient I don't have any other words to praise you. Thank you sooo much."


"Hi Lawrence, Thank you so much for getting me through my test first time. You have been great all the way through and made it very easy for me from the start. Making the whole experience enjoyable while learning at the same time. Again, thank you for all your help. I honestly couldn't have done it without you."


"Lawrence, I just want to say a massive thank you for your time, effort and patience. You were always there to help with any assues I had and made sure I was improving every lesson. You're an amazing instructor and I can't recommend you enough! Thank you for all your help!"

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